Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Self-expression or portrait of the world?

What is self-expression? Making faces to the mirror? Is it the annoying nagging of a brat ”mammy, look at me!”?  Coming from numberless sources that seems to be purpose of art-making by the modern artist. He/she/it  is pouring out his/her/its innermost self  toward viewing public with the hasty assumption that all these embarrassing self-revelations is just what strangers want from authors of contemporary art. A huge mistake. Indeed a fundamental one. So large a mistake that only a conceited amateur, lazy dilettante could commit without shame.Art, which is part of human history defined itself long ago and decisions at a New York art-party cannot change it.
Artist’s task is to give portrait of the world. That is his subject: the world. Shoemaker has to forget about expressing his inner anguish and make outstanding pair of shoes. An artist has to prove that his enamoration and profound knowledge of the world qualifies him to deserve the special position in society. Because the subject is the world the necessary method is representational art. If one would ever felt that it is limitation too confining than I strongly suggest that person thinks little, knows lamentably little about the world.

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