Sunday, May 8, 2011

European Figurative Sculpture XX century

There is so much excellence in figurative sculpture of XX century in Europe I am at great pain having to limit all that splendid art-work to a sampling due to constrains of a little blog. From the rocks of Gibraltar to the Ural Mountains figurative sculptors were still chipping away marbles and making plaster molds for bronzes as if fourth century B.C. in Attica was just yesterday.

Enric Casanovas

Gerhard Henning

Kurt Schmid-Ehmen

Anton Hanak                                   

                                                                 Charles Despiau

Marnix D'Haveloose

Aristide Maillol.

Arno Brecker

Paul Lewandowski

Alfred Auguste Janniot

Paul-Francois Niclausse

Francis Derwent Wood

Alfred Gilbert

Thomas Brock

Pier Pander

Adolph von Hildebrand

Imre Csikasz

Vanja Radaus

William Reid Dick

Stephan Sinding

The selection above shows sculptors who were adhering very closely to the observation of the models with strong conviction that strict realism makes truth beautiful.
Now let us look at art of those sculptors with visions propelling them away from strict realism and imbuing their sculptures with expressiveness uniquely their own.

Antoine Bourdelle

Ernst Barlach

George Minne

Francesco Messina

Venanzio Crocetti

Jan van Luyn
Libero Andreotti

Leon Ernest Drivier


Stanisław Szukalski

Quirino Ruggieri


                                                                        Katte Kollwitz

                                                                      Gustav Vigeland

                                                                    Renee Letourneur

                                                      Giacomo Manzu 

Quite different culture is represented here than the one that proclaims Alexander Calder’s play-pen doo-dads to be great art, would you agree?