Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Peddling Fraud

I have meekly {at times] kept my opinions to myself knowing well that I am surrounded by a solid and loud certainties of people who spent little time forming their own opinions and  rashly joined the chorus of the accepted  general opinions. Regarding modern art they would most often say they don’t know much about it but they know what they like and would point to some piece that seemed less offensive than the rest, hoping that it covered the expectation of appearing to be a sophisticated viewer. What they would never do is to say-regrettably all I see is a total fraud, a shocking elevation of moronic nonsense. Would they be lying to avoid confrontation with guardians of orthodoxy? Or, would they be more ominously, really believing that there is something ineffable, something otherworldly they have no vocabulary to express of what they are viewing and at least a sage nod is due to those mystifying efforts. Be sure I have no such inhibitions. I have spent my life thinking intensely, laboriously and ceaselessly each day about art honing both discernment and knowledge of true achievements. The more I have learned about the past of art the worse was the comparison with modern art. Any piece of modern art is worthless: not some of them while some shining exceptions remain “great”.Idiotic squares of canvases were and still are “admired” and “valued” by the same public who for several generations believed in curative value of hokum of psychoanalyses, now finally discredited as fraudulent pseudoscience. Modern art and psychoanalyses are in fact sisters.

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